The Beauty

Current Skin Care Products


Hello loves,

Today’s post will be about my current skin care routine. When I was pregnant my hormones were all over the place and this gave me a lot of acne. Before pregnancy I would get a pimple here and there but never consistent breakouts. Pregnancy was horrible to my face, especially around my chin area. I felt no matter what I did the pimples kept coming. The face cleanser and moisturizer I was using before pregnancy made it all worse.

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Pregnancy Updates

Late Third Trimester Update

Hello loves,

   Yes, as most of you may know by now, baby girl is here! She was born 01/26 at 11:15pm, 45 minutes short of my 38 week mark! Though she is here already I thought I would update you all on my third trimester of pregnancy.

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The Lifestyle

Gift basket for your Host!


Hello loves,

        I share with you my baby shower a while back and today I wanted to share a gift idea for the Host. I felt that they put in so much time and love into making me feel special that I needed to get them a little something to thank them. 

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