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      Is it warm weather where you live? Texas as usual has had bipolar weather, some days are sunny and warm but others are cloudy and rainy. Today I want to share with you the products I use and the ones I use on my daughter when we are out in the sun.

      The most important of all would have to be sunscreen! For myself I always use a sunscreen for my face, I really like this one from Coola with SPF of 30. I like that it is light but gives you the protection you need from the sun, I will use it on its own and at times I apply it under my make up. When applied under my make up it serves as an extra primer. I then use a different sunscreen for my body, this one from Banana Boat works great and it is SPF 50. I personally prefer the lotion application over the spray one. I feel that it applies better and the coverage is also better. Can never forget an insect repellent, especially in Texas. The weather here is very humid and with that unwanted bugs. We use this one by Off! but I also use my daughter’s. I prefer the smell of her spray than the one from Off!

      For my daughter I also use an SPF 50 sunscreen, this one by Baby Bum is great. It does leave a little white residue when you first apply it but it goes away once absorbed by the skin. She also gets a lot of mosquito bites when we are out, I apply this insect repellent from Babyganics and no bites for her. I really like this brand, all products are natural and have a good smell of essential oils. I have also used essential oils to help repel the insects, I will do another post on that soon.

        Lastly there are some random products that I love to have during the summer. First is this body glow by Kopari just like the name states, it gives you an amazing bronzed look with a nice glow. Perfect for days by the pool. The next product I only use when wearing my hair curly, it gives me nice beach hair with extra volume. It’s a sea salt spray by Not Your Mothers and it smells like the beach as well. Lastly we can not forget a good lotion that will help soothe and heal any sun burn. This one by Vaseline is amazing, my husband once had to use it after a real bad sun burn and this helped tremendously.

Hope these products help you and your littles get through this summer!

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