Baby Updates

Baby Update

Hello loves,

    I can’t believe how long it has been since the last post I wrote. Almost 1 whole year! Needless to say a lot has happened since then. I have so much to talk about but will not do it all in one post. For now let me give you a quick update on how baby girl is doing.

    We are 3 days away from turning 15 months! I can’t even believe how quick time is flying by. She is now walking, can say mama and papa, loves to eat and is very active. After a whole year of sleepless nights she is finally sleeping through the night, most nights (will have a post soon on how we finally accomplished this). I am enjoying every minute of being her mommy, it amazes me to see her grow and develop. Her personality is really starting to show, she has so much sass (I say this is from daddy he says it’s from me).

     She is moving right along on the growth charts, she was 96th percent in weight and 91st percent in height on our last Dr visit. She will have another appointment soon and as much as I feel like she weighs I am sure she is still growing quickly. She is also beginning to play on her own for longer periods of time. She still can’t be away from mom for too long but it is becoming easier for her.

      The world is all new to her, curiosity describes her perfectly. She has to touch everything and taste it all as well. The weather is getting nicer and I can not wait to take her places where she can explore. I’ve lived in the DFW area of Texas for a while now but have not explored much of it. This is the perfect time to do all the things with her! I will take you along for these trips as well.

Thank you for stopping by!

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