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3 Ways I use Essential Oils

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      It has been way too long from my last post. As usual I am trying to get the hang of balancing mom life, work and trying to write a blog. Enough of my excuses though. As you can tell by the title of this post, I will be sharing 3 ways I use Essential Oils in my house.


1. When I first purchased my starter kit it was for the sole purpose of helping my daughter sleep. When she was a newborn she was a horrible sleeper, waking up every 1-2 hours to eat or just to wake up. I tried so many things to help her sleep but nothing seemed to work. A lot of my coworkers use essential oils to help their children and themselves sleep. I was very skeptical, hence the reason I tried so many other methods to help her sleep. I finally gave in and ordered the starter kit. I was told that Lavender and Frankincense would work wonders with helping her sleep. I figured it couldn’t hurt and they smelled so good (I used 5 drops of Lavender + 5 drops of Frankincense). Within 3 days her sleeping pattern became better, I have been using them since!


2. After having Ariani my skin was in bad shape. Not sure if this was due to hormones or stress, maybe both. My skin care products were not working the same. I had to change my whole routine. My skin was more dry than usual and I began to break out a lot more than usual. I would not say I had amazing skin before her but it was really good. I knew I had to incorporate some type of oil or serum to re-hydrate and add more oil into my skin. I purchased one by Drunk Elephant and it worked awesome but knew that not all ingredients were natural. As I explored my essential oils more I realized that a lot can be used topically. Perfect! Not only would I be able to come up with something that was all natural but something I already owned. As I researched further I came up with this concoction, 15 drops of Frankincense + 15 drops of Copaiba + 15 drops of Lavender (all are in the starter kit) + 100 drops of jojoba oil (purchased here). I began to use this every night. I am not kidding when I say I saw a difference right away, I also felt my skin 10x softer. This stuff is amazing, it would work for any skin type. It adds moisture back into the skin but does not leave it greasy at all. Smells great as well!


3. #Momstruggle is real in this house! It is very difficult to keep my house clean while trying to keep my little one entertained. That being said I do love a clean house, I was a huge fan of the Clorox wipes to clean down countertops and spills on the floor. That stuff is really strong though and not good to inhale. Especially for baby! I was in search of a product that would clean just as well and was not harmful to my family. When I received the my starter kit there was a Thieves cleaner in there. I was not really interested because at the time I only wanted sleep lol. As I read more and more about the oils and Young Living products I realized that this cleaner was worth trying. I did so on my counter tops and they looked better than when I used the Clorox wipes. I then used it to clean my engagement ring and wedding band. I had never taken them to be cleaned since my husband gave them to me, you can imagine how dirty they were. After soaking the rings in Thieves cleaner + 4 drops of lemon and then scrubbing with a toothbrush they looked like new! I was so pleased!

         Essential oils can be used for so many things around your house, bettering the health of your family and they smell so good! They are a natural plant based product, no need to worry about it having harmful chemicals or products. They are also safe for children and pets (be sure to research how to properly use products before using around children and pets). I am enjoying learning about the products and incorporating them more in our daily lives. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.

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