Baby Updates

She is 3 months!


Hello loves,

           I just can’t believe time is going by this quick. Just like that she is 3 months! I have enjoyed every minute of the good and the bad days. I have soaked up every milestone shes hit and love dressing her up. 

             Some of her milestones have been smiling and giggling at us, grabbing things, and cooing a lot more. Her neck strength is so good, she will be sitting up on her own before we know it. She is also obsessed with her Daddy as soon as he gets home. She loves cuddles and is okay with bath time now. She still hates tummy time and always wants us close by. Her movements have become less stiff and she is a lot more active. I wish I could have a camera on her all the time to capture all these little things. 

Here are some items we are still loving and new ones we can’t live without. 

Magnetic clothing – this one is more for Daddy. There are no zippers or buttons, all magnetic. I had no clue these existed, a friend gifted this to us and it is awesome for those that struggle with baby clothes!

Boppy Lounger – she loves this thing. She lays on it during the day to hang out or to take naps. She is not going to fit on it much longer though, her feet are about to dangle off the bottom.

Pacifiers – she doesn’t use the paci all the time. She only likes it when falling asleep. Helps soothe her and I am not complaining. While awake she does not want it. I hope this means it will be easy to get rid of later on.

Sleepers – I wasn’t too sure about these when I first saw them. They are actual the best she has! Material is so soft and light weight. She gets hot easily and these help keep her cool but covered. I also like that the zipper stays at the bottom, and not near her neck.

Play mat – this mat gets a lot of use. Even though she hates tummy time she is entertained by the toys that hang. It also has a musical mobile that she loves to grab at. Amazes me to see her learn and develop right before me.

             This is my update for this gorgeous princess! Hope you enjoyed it and enjoy the items I listed with your little babe. Remember do not blink because they grow too fast! Love them and enjoy them as much as you can. I know I am! 

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