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Sephora VIB Sale!

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Hello loves,

         As a true makeup lover, this is my favorite sale! I love getting rid of old makeup because it gives me an excuse to purchase new things. At times I do ask myself, “do you not have enough makeup or skin products?” and the answer is always no! I am really making an effort to wear makeup more often after baby. Making time to get ready is so difficult but not impossible!

1. Marc Jacobs Fawn Over Me this lipstick is the perfect pink nude and I love the consistency of it. Some of the others in the collection are nice as well, but this is my favorite.

2. Alterna Kendi Oil every blogger uses this stuff and recommends it. During the summer my scalp is very dry and I hate it. I figured an oil would probably help with the dryness and so many say it smells really good. I could also use something to add shine to my hair. I will let you guys know how it works out for me.   

3. IGK Dry Shampoo due to the dryness of my scalp I do not wash my hair very often. Probably every 4 days, the more I was the worse it gets. Needless to say dry shampoo is my best friend. I currently love the Living Proof one, but I’ve heard that this one works even better and it adds volume to your hair. Perfect!

4. Tatcha Protective Primer I just ran out of my primer, figured it was time to try a new one. I honestly picked this one up because of the packaging and reviews. I really hope it works because I do not have a backup lol.

5. Laura Mercier Baked Powder honestly I purchased this one because I saw it on Emily Gemma’s IG story. I purchased it last minute, I wanted to buy another bronzer. The one I have is kind of dull to me, I want something with a little shimmer for summer.

6. First Aid Beauty Moisturizer this is my go to for the Spring and Summer. Just like my scalp, my face always becomes very dry during this time of year. I use multiple products to help bring the moisture back into my face. This stuff works great!

I do want to apologize for getting this post up late (after the sale). I hope all of you were able to purchase everything you wanted. I will update on the new products once I receive them and try them out. Until then hope you guys have an amazing Tuesday!

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