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Closet Spring Cleaning!


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Hello Babes,

              Is it Friday yet? I don’t know why, but this week is moving slow. I’ve tried to stay product, hence the title of this post. I have never done an actual Spring cleaning of my closet. I normally clean it out randomly. I figured I should get rid of what I do not want now!

              After having baby I noticed that some of my clothes do not fit me the same. I am actually happy that I kept 5lbs of the 25lbs I gained. I also feel that my hips are wider. A lot of my jeans definitely no longer fit, had to get rid of my favorites. When it comes to jeans and shorts I get rid of those that do not fit or the color is faded. All other clothes I get rid of those I did not use the past season. If I have a shirt that is great for summer, but I did not wear it the recent summer than I won’t wear it the next one! 


                When cleaning out accessories I get rid of things that are no longer trendy. I also get rid of items I have not used in the last 3 months. Just like the clothes, if I have not worn it in 3 months I won’t wear it again. Scarves I get rid of old patterns and those that are too old, I know I will not use. Bags, I do not own many so I never get rid of any. This time around I did get rid of some clutches that were old and have not used in years. 

            What do I do with all the clothes? Most of the time I gift the items to my mother-in-law. She gifts these items to family members who are in need or sends them to Mexico to be gifted as well. I have never donated at a second store, not sure how it works. I rather give it to my mother-in-law knowing that the items will be given to girls that are in need. 

               I hope this inspires you to clean out your closet! Just remember, after cleaning it out you have more room for new clothes!


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