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Hello loves,

       It’s been a while, life has been very busy with baby and a project I’m working on. I will share details soon! Back to this post, I am finally sharing baby Ariani’s nursery. I am not done, missing a piece to place above the daybed, but I figured if I haven’t done it yet might as well share. I will just do an update once I receive the piece. This is my favorite room in the house!

         I want to start with the crib, this was gifted to us by my sister-in-law. Her kiddos never used it, though used it was in great condition. I loved that it was white, would work great for both genders. It has a simple design but very classic. The bumper is mesh and breathable, the fitted sheet was gifted (available at Target), and I purchased the skirt from Target. The dream catcher blanket was a gift. I am most excited to talk about the flowers and decal on the wall! The flowers are the same ones used at my baby shower in California, making them more special! The decal I purchased off of Etsy, from this STORE, applies very easy and they have a lot of options.


           This area of the room needs some work, but it is the most used. Baby Ariani sleeps in a bassinet and I sleep next to her in the daybed. Since I am home on maternity leave, we let Daddy get good rest at night. We sleep in the nursery and he sleeps in the master bedroom. I purchased the daybed at Nebraska Furniture Mart and the pillows are from Ross. I love that the daybed has a trundle, could come in handy when she is older. I like the simple design of the bed and the color. The wall above the bed is empty, I would like to get a piece to hang there. I need to a decision on it quickly.


             The next area is this nightstand and flowered wall. The nightstand I purchased from, the mason jars and flowers are from my Texas baby shower, there is a humidifier (came in handy for cold nights with the heater on), there is a jar with pacifiers, and the other decorations on there were gifted. The flowers on the wall are the same as those on the crib wall, I plan to incorporate a mirror on this wall as well. The little gold trash basket I purchased from the $5 section at Target. The drawers hold onsies and bottoms (pants and shorts).


           This is her changing table, another piece of furniture gifted by my sister-in-law. It’s the perfect size for this space, I love the baskets! I bought and organizer for the side, it holds diapers and wipe warmer. The baskets hold bibs, burp rags, bows, headbands, socks, and stockings. The bottom right corner stores a few toys and my essential oils!


            This is my favorite area in the room! This glider is very comfy, I use it to feed her at night (helps me stay awake lol). The shelves hold her books and so does the basket on the floor. Though she is too young to understand any of the books, I can’t wait to read to her. It’s my favorite thing to do and this will force me to read more. I hope to purchase all the classics to read to her, we already own some of them. A lot of the books were gifted as well, some have personalized notes inside and I love it! The decor on the wall was part of the Texas baby shower decor. It holds notes from the guests. The table holds a lamp, essential oil diffuser, and an XO decoration. I hope she likes books and reading as much as I do!

         Sorry for the long post, I was very excited to share this space with you. I hope you like it all as much as I do! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for stopping by!

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