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White Jeans!


Blouse: sold out / Jeans: AG / Shoes: Lola Shoetique: last year style


     Happy Tuesday! I want to start by apologizing, I slacked off and did not post Friday or yesterday! As usual life has been busy and a hot mess with baby girl. She has her good nights and her really bad nights. Unfortunately lately they have been real bad. I have also been doing some research on a fun project I am working on. Details coming soon! After that long intro lets talk about white jeans!

Is there a rule on when we could wear white jeans during the year? If there is I chose not to follow it. I just wear them when I want as long as the sun is out. I decided to wear them now because it makes me feel as though Spring will come sooner if I do. I know silly right? The weather in Texas is just crazy and unexpected, you never know if you will get rain, ice or sun. I can not wait for consistent warm temperatures and sunny skies.

Since it is sunny I decided to pair them with a bright-colored blouse. This outfit screams Spring/Summer to me and makes me happy. Since the color on the blouse is very bright I decided to go with a neutral color shoe. These are so comfy and I love the style! This whole outfit is very comfortable and I feel it is a great transitional option. Glad I am not back to my pre-pregnancy size and my belly is once again flat. Still can not see my six-pack though so I will have to work on that.


Hope you guys enjoyed this quick outfit post!

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