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      Happy Monday! Hope everyone’s weekend was amazing. My weekend was uneventful. The weather was not the greatest here in Texas so we stayed home. Today my little babe turns 1 month! I can’t believe time has gone by that quick. I feel like I just had her and here we are one month later. To celebrate, I will let you guys know the products I feel are essential for baby. 

1. Baby wipes warmer – I know a lot of people feel as though these are not necessary so you do not get baby used warm wipes. I disagree, after wiping her bottom for the first time with a cold wipe and hearing her scream I decided warm wipes it is. I did hear a mom tell me these are unsanitary and can grow bacteria and mold. I keep mine very clean and as many wipes as she goes through with the 20 diaper changes a day, I don’t think mold will grow on the wipes. Click HERE for my warmer.

2. New born size clothes – Many told me I did not need any newborn clothes since most babies fit in the 0-3 month clothes when they are born. Wrong! This baby girl was born tiny at 5lbs 4oz. The newborn stuff was huge on her. She is just now filling it in. I bought a few outfits in that size for a just in case and I am glad I did. She has used them a lot since this is all she fits in, all outfits have been on repeat.

3. Velcro swaddles -This baby likes to be swaddled. From day one she felt safer and slept more comfortable when swaddled. She is very active though, meaning that when swaddled in a blanket she would move too much and find her way out. He little hands would make their way out or she would loosen it so much it would wake her. I purchased Velcro swaddles for convenience and they ended up being a life saver. You can purchase the same ones HERE.

4. Bassinet – Not sure if you guys will be co-sleeping but I decided not to. I chose a bassinet for her to sleep in. I feel this will be an easier transition to her crib. We also have a Rock N Play for her. She loves napping in it, I did not want her sleeping in it at night because many have told me that this could cause her head to become flat. Thankfully her head is still nice and round! This is my Bassinet and my Rock N Play.

5. Boppy pillow/Lounger – I love both the boppy pillow and the lounger pillow as well. I use the boppy to feed her, especially now that she is heavier. This helps me support her weight! She really enjoys the lounger pillow! We use it for when she naps and to hang out will I do chores around the house. She can really lay on that thing for long periods of time! I have a few boppy pillows but her is the Lounger.

6. Bottles – My plan initially were to breastfeed this little princess but unfortunately that did not work out. Being the overly prepared person that I am, I made sure to have bottles just in case. I am so glad I did, I would have not been able to go shop for bottles when I decided to start formula. I know most that decide to breastfeed want to do that exclusively, I did as well. All I will say is, you never know how your supply will come in when it does and all that matter is that baby gets what he or she needs. It never hurts to be prepared for the just in case right?

     Well this post ended up being a lot longer than I expected! Hope these tips and products are helpful to all you mommies. Let me know what essentials you could not live without! I need all the tips I can get! I leave you with a pic of my 1 month old cutie pie!


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