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My Life With A Newborn




Hello loves,

As you can tell by the title, today I will tell you how my life has changed after a newborn. I have loved every second of motherhood though it has not been easy at all. Before I had Ariani I never really sat down to think how my life would be once she was here. I was overjoyed that I was going to be a mommy and did not realize how much work it would be.

I will start with the first week of her life. While at the hospital I did not get any sleep. Between her cluster feeding, the nurses coming in so much and me not knowing what the hell I was doing, it was a nightmare. Baby was tiny when born so they had to check her blood glucose level before she ate, this was ever 2-3 hours (poor baby). When we finally got home things did not get any easier. I am very thankful that my mom was with me that first week of her life and she helped me through those very tough first nights. She was went with me to the first pediatrician appointments that were needed because baby was also jaundice and her levels needed to be checked.

I tried to breastfeed but that did not go as planned (will write a post on that soon). It was taking anywhere from 1-2 hours to feed her and this included supplementing with formula. By the time I was done feeding it was time to feed her again. I feel that since she was born she has her days and nights mixed up. This might be thanks to my night shift schedule while I worked. She sleeps great during the day and is not so good with sleep at night.

I think that the first week was the toughest but we got through it. I say it was the toughest for me because my hormones were all over the place and I did experience some postpartum blues (will also write a detailed post on this). Once my mom left, my husband took 2 weeks off to help me. Unfortunately during his time off he caught a bad cold and had no access to baby until he was no longer contagious. Once he was better he was able to help me again and is great with helping me with what I need.

As the days and weeks have gone by, things have gotten 100x better. She is still not sleeping good during the night but I think it might be colic or gas pains. I will try giving her some gripe water to see if that helps her feel better. I was also gifted a diffuser with essential oil and will try this to see if it relaxes her and helps her sleep. I am becoming impatient just being home. The only times I have left the house is to go to Dr. appointments or a quick trip to pick up groceries. It is still flu season around here and the last thing I want is my baby catching something but, I do feel like I need to get out of the house soon!

In a nutshell my life has changed drastically! I used to get up and go as I pleased and now I have to think about her before doing anything. Even getting out of the house is harder, packing her diaper bag, getting her and myself ready and making sure we are not going anywhere too crowded (flu season). Never did I think taking a shower would become a planned event. I either need to take her in the bathroom with me so that I can still watch her or wait for my husband to get home from work so that he can watch her.

My daughter has been the greatest blessing of my life. I would go through it all a million times as long as I would have the chance to be her mother every time. I would not change anything including the tough times because it has taught me a lot and made me a better mother. She is still a newborn and at almost 4 weeks old she has rocked my world. I hope that things get better and though I am sure they will not get easier, I pray that I am able to adapt to her needs. I thank God everyday for the beautiful blessing of becoming a mother.


For all the new mammas out there, know that it is not easy but you are not alone. Those precious babies need us to be strong and are worth every tear, sleepless night and aching boob! You are all in my prayers!

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