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Late Third Trimester Update

Hello loves,

   Yes, as most of you may know by now, baby girl is here! She was born 01/26 at 11:15pm, 45 minutes short of my 38 week mark! Though she is here already I thought I would update you all on my third trimester of pregnancy.

      I want to start by saying that heartburn was a serious problem making a bottle of Tums my best friend. The heartburn was so bad it gave me acid reflux, I had to sleep sitting up a couple of times. I stopped eating spicy foods and did not eat past 6pm to ensure complete digestion. My belly grew so much I could feel my skin stretching. I continued to use the Bio Oil I shared with you in a previous post HERE. I felt that the oil truly helped prevent stretch marks. I am happy to say no stretch marks at all! I also drank a lot of water which helped my skin stay hydrated. Braxton Hicks contractions were not painful but very uncomfortable. People kept saying, those contractions will prepare you for the real thing, lies! They were just annoying but nothing like the real contractions. 

      I never purchased actual maternity clothes since I was able to fit into most of my current clothes. I am grateful I purchase the belly bands because I was able to wear most of my shirts that way. I did invest money on some leggins which I figured I could wear after pregnancy as well. I also purchased a couple of nursing bras because they were more comfortable than the regular ones. Speaking of nursing I purchased a couple of things to prepare for breastfeeding. I bought disposal breast pads, nipple shields, heating pads, and ordered my breast pump through my insurance. Unfortunately breastfeeding did not go as planned but that’s a whole different post.

     On Christmas Eve I took a real bad tumble outside my house, thankfully I was not hurt and baby was not either. Lesson of that night, make sure you turn your lights on if its dark out! I had a scare at about week 37, I was working that night and began to bleed. The bleeding did not stop once I slept a little after work so I headed to the hospital. I was told I was 2 1/2cm dilated but not in active labor so I was sent home. At that point I had everything I needed for baby but was not organized and did not have the nursery ready. This put me in panic mode and the next day we organized everything I needed. I was told at the hospital that my cervix was very soft and could go into labor in the next couple of days. This of course did not happen. I was so ready to have this little girl, I even packed my hospital bags and had them ready to go. (will be doing a video of my hospital bag soon) I walked around my neighborhood, sat on a medicine ball and did squats with contractions to try to get things going. Little did I know that labor would be so intense. Will post all the details all about labor in another post. Though my pregnancy was not the easiest, I would definitely do it all over again knowing she is the prize at the end of it all!

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