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Gift basket for your Host!


Hello loves,

        I share with you my baby shower a while back and today I wanted to share a gift idea for the Host. I felt that they put in so much time and love into making me feel special that I needed to get them a little something to thank them. 

I really wanted to put together a basket that included things that would make them feel pampered. Once I completed the basket it gave me spa like vibes which I love. I will list the items below (most purchased at Target)…

1. Face Masks – Target

2. Bath bomb – Target

3. Lotion – Bath and Body Works

4. Candle – Target

5. Coffee Cup and Hot Chocolate – Target

6. Scarf – Target

7. Nail Polish – Target

8. Basket – Ross

These are just a few options for you to purchase for your hostess. The ladies I gifted these to loved them and were very thankful. They said they would be able to use all of these gifts and would feel pampered when using them. Hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed it.

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