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Baby Shower outfit options


Hello loves,

Today I will link two options for cute baby shower dresses you or your loved one can wear. They were very affordable and so cute. I definitely wanted lace for my dresses and not too form fitting in order to be comfortable.

      You might ask why I have two different dresses on? Well I was fortunate enough to have two baby showers. One was in Texas where I live (done by my husband’s family) and the other was in California where my parents live. The weather in Texas was very nice, sunny and on the warmer side so the short sleeved red dress was perfect. This dress unfortunately is no longer available on the site I purchased it from but here are similar great options. Here and Here.

The second option was also perfect for the weather. It was warm during the day making the length ideal and late afternoon it did cool down a lot. The sleeves helped keep me warm and I did not have to change into anything else. The pink color was perfect and complimented well with all the décor. You can find the exact dress Here.

Both baby showers were perfect, one very simple with a woodland theme and the other over the top with everything pink. I enjoyed spending time with everyone and appreciate all the time and love everyone put into making these days so special for me. Big thank you to family and friends that were able to accompany us and brought us the wonderful gifts. Here are two more pictures that show details on both dresses a little more!


P.S. Hope you enjoyed your sale shopping weekend

XoXo| Katia

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