Pregnancy Updates

Maternity must haves!

maternity must haves


1. Medela Nursing Bra [$16]

2. Faux Leather Leggings [$15]

3. Jeans [$21]

4. Gilligan & O’Malley Bra [$17]

5. Bio Oil [2oz $9]

6. Palmer’s Stretch Mark Cream [$5]

7. Prenatal Vitamin [Any is ok, $17]

8. Chambray Top [Basic top will work, $30]

9. Basic Black Dress [$30]

10. Support Belt [$12]

Hello loves,

        Today I decided to write a post on maternity must needs. I have purchased all of these things in order to make it through pregnancy this far. I had no idea about some of these needs since this is my first pregnancy. These are just my suggestions, you can obviously go without some of these things and there are plenty of options for each of these products. First and foremost get yourself prenatal vitamins, ask your Dr. what vitamins are best for you. I was told a vitamin with DHA was the best option. 

My boobs have grown 2 sizes, I feel that is no point in buying expensive bras in a bigger size. I do not know what size I will end up being after baby. This is where nursing bras have saved my life! These bras can also be very pricey, I have found that Medela and Gilligan & O’Malley from Target are very comfortable and at a reasonable price.

Clothing has been a bit of a struggle for me. I feel like I have been showing for a while now but my belly has not been big enough for maternity clothing. Now at 23 weeks my belly is a lot bigger and I no longer fit in regular jeans but maternity jeans still do not fit properly!! The struggle is real. That is why I have opted for leggings! Plus fall is almost here and they go well with long shirts or sweaters! The jeans I linked are from Motherhood Maternity, they are the only ones that fit properly because the band starts a little higher than others. I have also purchased a basic black dress and a few basic and trendy shirts to go with the leggings and jeans.

This week has been the first which I have experienced itchiness to my belly. I actually purchased the oil and cream early on in pregnancy and have been using it the whole time (paranoid about stretch marks). I like the smell of the oil more but love the way my skin feels after I apply the cream. So far so good, no stretch marks in site and I hope it stays this way.

The last two weeks I have had extreme hip, pelvic and back pain. I feel I am carrying this little girl low and all that weight is just causing me pain. I decided to invest in a support belt to see if that helps. I plan to wear it often especially at work since I walk so much. I will keep you updated on what my thoughts are on this belt.

I hope this post has helped you a little in pregnancy. Just remember these are just some of things I have purchased to help me but of course there are more options for you to pick from. Just a reminder when it comes to medications double check with your provider before taking anything.

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XoXo| Katia




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