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Hello loves,

       I can’t believe it’s been a week since we were in New York! Not going to lie though it was very overwhelming with so many people and such a busy city. I had a plan though which included a list of the places I wanted us to visit and they were grouped together based on location. Here is quick guide to help other first time visitor!

Where to stay? I knew I wanted a hotel that was walking distance to most places since Uber or Taxi would end up being expensive if used a lot. Make sure you take comfortably walking shoes to do all the things we did lol. Anyway I decided on The Iroqois, this hotel had good ratings and was right in the middle of everything but located on a quieter street (if that is even possible). After staying there for a week it was what I expected; rooms were a little small, cute marble bathroom and very friendly staff. I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone.

  1. The Empire State Building: This was an amazing experience! It is open from 8am-2am and the best time to visit is sunset. It has 360° of the city from the 86th floor. Pictures from that height are amazing and the views are to die for! Click here for ticket prices.
  2. Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center): This was also a great experience! We had views during the day, which made it easier to distinguish the buildings. We were not as high as the Empire State Building but still high enough to see the pretty view, 69th floor. Click here for ticket prices.
  3. Times Square: This was a different world for me. So many people and not much room to walk down the streets. Lights everywhere you look, a lot of stores to shop, variety of foods (we found amazing street tacos) and plenty of performers. Was one of those places I did not love but is a must to experience!
  4. Flatiron Building: This was a very long walk from our hotel but since it is so iconic and in so many pictures I figured we would do it. The building is very pretty and unique but it was very hot that day and not sure that the walk was worth it.
  5. Central Park: This was by far my favorite part of the trip. This park is 800+ acres and beautiful. The walk there was nice and included a lot of fancy shopping like Louis Vuitton and Saks 5th (no shopping done by me though). Once there we attempted to walk some of the park and quickly realized it was overwhelming and a lot of walking. We paid a guide that pulled us in a bike and it was great! He had a lot of info about the park and took us to popular spots at the park that we did not know existed. Some of the stops included Gapstow Bridge, The Mall, Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, Loeb Boathouse, Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle and the Balto statue. We only covered a very small portion of this huge park and it was amazing. Our great tour guide took great pictures as well. You can find the guides in various areas of the park.
  6. Statue of Liberty: This site was in South Manhattan, making it impossible to walk there. We used Uber to get there. ($5 off if you use my code katiac224ue) It was a beautiful day when we took the trip to the statue. We were able to take a ferry to Liberty Island which had beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline. Once on the island we took pictures with the statue and walked around to see the great views of the city! The ferry than took us to Ellis Island, this was a very interesting place. We were able to see the process that people went through when registering as immigrants to enter the country. A lot of history in that building, being an immigrant myself it hit close to home. Great experience! Click here for ticket prices but they were cheaper if purchased at Battery Park.
  7. 9/11 Memorial and One World Trade Center: This place was surreal, sad and unbelievable to be standing there. The memorial was very pretty with the names of those lost and the waterfall feature. Gave me goosebumps while I was there, I felt a lot of different emotions while there. The crowds were big and very busy but well worth it.
  8. St. Patricks Cathedral: This was the most gorgeous cathedral I have seen. The detail both on the outside and inside was breathtaking. I walked around in awe and we were even able to sit in for mass for a short period of time. Walking by the cathedral I admired the outside architecture but once inside it was far more beautiful. Definitely a must see site!
  9. Chrysler Building: I saw this building while on top of the Rockefeller Center and it looked so pretty with the highest point being gold and resembling a crown. Once in front of the building it was very difficult to get a picture and no access for the public. Though still very nice to look at not the most exciting thing to see.
  10. Radio City Music Hall: This is an iconic place as well and it has a lot of history, we were able to tour inside. Not much to it except a souvenir store and a few stores to shop in. This is open to the public at no cost.
  11. Madison Square Garden: This of course was by request of my husband. We did not enter the building but we were able to walk around and take in this iconic sports arena. Funny story we actually couldn’t figure out where the entry was lol.
  12. Little Italy: This whole trip was to celebrate my husband’s birthday and of course I wanted to take him to Little Italy to eat his favorite food, pasta! Once we arrived on the main street we could see the Italian influence with the quaint restaurants that have indoor and outdoor eating. We ate at Il Cortile, and the food was amazing! They have an atrium towards the back of the restaurant and it was lovely ambiance.
  13. The Charging Bull: We so happen to come across the bull when we were on our way to the statue of liberty so we decided to takes some pictures. Yes those are the bulls you know, privates lol. We also saw the brave little girl there but so many people were trying to take a picture I just didn’t want to wait.
  14. Grand Central Terminal: This place looked exactly like the movies. It was amazing and huge. Kind of mind blowing to know that this place is where the subway meets and has routes to different areas around the city and state. Was hoping for a flash mob with all the people there but did not happen lol.
  15. Brooklyn Bridge: This bridge is in so many Instagram pictures so I had to see it. I did not take a picture on it though, it was so crowded! Plus we passed by it on our way to eat pasta. I did not want to wait any longer to eat pasta and baby didn’t either lol.
  16. Yankee Stadium: This one was also for my husband. We couldn’t visit NYC and not go to the stadium, we would have preferred to see the old stadium but that one no longer exists. We didn’t attend the game though, we just aren’t Yankee fans! This was still a cool experience.

When visiting this wonderful city you have to wear your walking shoes because that is all you will be doing. Be ware of huge crowds and watch out for taxis when crossing the street! The public library, Bryant park, the pizza are a must as well. We loved our trip and I hope that this guide will help you navigate the city!

XoXo| Katia

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