Pregnancy Updates

First trimester update!


Dress: old similar here | Shoes: Toms, $5 version: Five Below | Crossbody: Michael Kors | Watch: Fitbit

Hello loves,

          Today I will update you on my first trimester of pregnancy. I am currently 21 weeks and 4 days and this baby girl is kicking and moving like crazy! The first 12 weeks were not as fun or exciting though. 

I feel like my symptoms started as soon as I saw that positive pregnancy test! Nausea all day along with vomiting, at one point all I could tolerate was Pedialyte. I chewed ice to help with nausea especially while at work and this did help. I tried ginger candies, mint candies, tea, saltine crackers, seems like everything under the sun but nothing seemed to help! I just powered through and it was finally gone after week 12.

I had a Dr. visit at about week 8 (this is the earliest they would see me), we were able to see baby for the first time and hear the heart beat, so precious! We then had a scare around week 10, trip to the ER turned out to be fibroids. We were able to get a glimpse of baby that day and she was moving like crazy but I still could not feel her.

I have decided to go with a midwife for delivery (will write a blog explaining my decision soon). I also decided to do some genetic testing, only non invasive tests were done. Being a nurse I think I feel more comfortable preparing for things, not into those type of surprises. During this time they gave us the option to do a DNA test for gender, I had no idea this was a thing! We decided to do the test and had a gender reveal get together at week 12! It’s a GIRL! I know the test is 99% accurate but for some reason I have a small doubt in the back of my mind since we have not done the anatomy scan yet lol.

My husband was not so happy when we found out gender but he has come around to the idea. Cute to see him talk about her! She is not here yet and has him wrapped around her little finger already lol. During the first trimester no baby bump was visible, I was stuck in that weird stage of “is she bloated or pregnant” so no pictures lol. Now that I have a visible bump I feel more comfortable taking pictures. He was able to feel baby kick a few days ago and that moment was special to me. Soon we have our next appointment and will update you on new symptoms, baby registry and clothes that have worked for me! Thanks for being a part of our journey!


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