South Beach Trip


Hello loves,

     I know, once again it has been a while since I last had a post but life has been pretty crazy the last couple months. Announcement coming on the next post. Today’s post will be all about the last trip we took to South Beach in Miami.

      My plan was to have a nice relaxing time on the beach but unfortunately this was not the case. I did get a nice tan but that was it. This was the worse time I have had on a vacation in a very long time! We took the trip on Memorial Day weekend (worse decision made). Turns out that during this time, Miami is very busy and many of the visitors are there for Urban Week making the areas not family friendly. 

      I would not recommend families to visit during this time. There was a lot of violence, alcohol and drugs on the main streets. The beach area was nice but seemed very dangerous to walk around the busy intersections. My husband and I did not do much walking around especially at night to avoid these crowds. 

      The hotel we stayed at was horrible, I do not even want to mention the name (it was that bad)! The bed was very uncomfortable, the mini fridge was leaking when we arrived and our toilet flooded. The hallways smelled very strongly of Marijuana and our door had a huge crack on the bottom making us throw some towels on the floor to prevent the smell from entering. Music was very loud into the wee hours of the morning, not much sleep for us. I can go on and on about how bad this place was but I rather not. 


      The only good thing was the beach, beautiful blue water and relaxing views. Most beaches there are public but they do have options of renting chairs and umbrellas to stay out of the sun. We spent as much time as possible by the water to avoid the busy streets. I do not think I would visit again because of the bad experience we had but if you do decide to go make sure it is not during a long weekend that might bring huge crowds. 


XoXo Katia

PS: make sure to read the next post for the announcement. Do not forget to like, comment and subscribe. Have a great week!


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