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     I finally made it to the Magnolia Market this past weekend! It was a lot of fun and as expected it had Joanna’s style everywhere you looked. It was about a 2 hour drive for us, not bad at all. I will give you a good run down of the good and bad of this place and what to expect when traveling there.


     As I stated above it took us about 2 hours to get there, keep in mind I live about 40 min. north of Dallas. Driving out there was a nice ride along a lot of countryside but we did hit a few areas with heavy construction. Once we arrived to the city of Waco we could tell it was a very small place and the main attraction was the market place and Baylor. 


         The first thing you see when you pull up to the street are the big silo structures. They looked exactly as they do on TV. Once you get past looking at the silos you see the Bakery right in front of the street. Next to the bakery are chairs and tables for you to enjoy the pastries. Right across from the bakery is the big Magnolia Market. 


         The Market is very big inside and so much to see and purchase. You could easily spend a few hours walking through there. All the decor is fit for a farmhouse and are all things you would picture Joanna would use in one of the houses she remodels. Though everything is very cute I did find a lot of the things there to be a bit pricey. The candles were $26 and her famous magnolia wreath was $95 (same one at Hobby Lobby for $30). They do have an area downstairs where you may ship your purchase to your home in case you cannot take it with you. A lot of things to pick from and also have some souvenirs such as shirts and mugs you can purchase.


The outside are is set up very nice, right in front of the silos is a big are for kids to play. There is turf with different toys and bean bags to entertain the kids and the dads who wait outside for the moms to shop, genius! They also have big swings and porch swings for everyone to relax on. There is also a big covered area with chairs and tables for people to sit and take a break. This place would not be Chip and Joanna’s without a vegetable garden and store. The garden is very relaxing and full of different veggies and flowers. They also have a cute green house there!



Let me get to the important part, food! They have a lot of food trucks on the back perimeter. They have pizza, juice bar, grilled cheese, crepes, coffee, BBQ and a few others. The food smelled delishes, we tried the grilled cheese sandwiches and they did not disappoint. They also sell a few snacks such as popcorn and a drink in a whole watermelon. They also have benches and tables with cute white and black striped canopies that you can sit on to eat your food. This whole place is just adorable and well worth the trip. I would totally visit again and make sure I try something from the bakery. Here are five things to consider when visiting.


Bakery Hours: The bakery opens at 7am and I would recommend to get there as early as you can. The line can sometimes wrap around the building. I made the mistake of waiting until we would leave and by then the line was too long.

Market hours: The market opens at 9am and just like the bakery I would recommend that you arrive early. There are a lot of people that travel great distances to visit this place. Needless to say it fills up quickly and it is a lot harder to walk around and shop with too many people in there.

Parking: The street parking is free but taken very quickly and a lot of the streets have a do not park sign on them. There is a free parking lot on the back side of the food trucks, it’s a bit hidden though we missed it. There are a couple of parking lots that you pay $10 and are a close walking distance.

Visit Waco: If you plan to stay for a weekend trip there are Waco tours that are offered. There is an information area on the tours right next to the bakery.

Hotels: We originally planned to stay for one night drive back on Sunday. We researched and there are about 5 hotels walking distance to the silos. The prices range from $100-170 depending on the dates and hotel. We didn’t end up staying because it is only a 2 hour drive there making it easy to drive there and back on the same day.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed visiting this place. Leave any questions you may have down below.

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XoXo| Katia





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