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Walmart Beauty Box (Spring 2017)



   Well today is Monday, most of the time I would be bummed that the weekend is over but opening day for baseball is today. This makes Monday a little more tolerable for me lol. I also received my Wal-Mart Spring 2017 Beauty Box, the only subscription I have active. To make your Monday a little better I will review the products for you!


   In case you haven’t heard of the Wal-Mart Beauty Box, it is free and you pay $5 for shipping. I have a full description of the box here. This time it looks like I only received travel sized items but that is ok since I ran out of some during my last trip. Plus I can’t complain that I only paid $5 and received at least 7 products.

The first product is Dove Advanced Care deodorant. I have used this in the past and really liked it, glad that the scent is also a good one in cucumber (I did not have a travel size before). The Biore baking soda acne scrub I am really excited to try. I do not have a lot of acne but I do have a lot of dry skin this time of year, I hope this helps eliminate that. Optic White toothpaste is exactly what i had before in my travel kit. This is one of the products we finished on our trip, I will just replace it now.

Gliss shampoo and conditioner, I am not familiar with this brand but would love to try it. It says ultra moisturizing and my scalp can use all the extra moisture it can get. John Frieda I do know and am also familiar with the anti-frizz products. I have not tried this particular one but anything that is going to help me tame this hair is worth a try. Lastly I received a Neutrogena hydro boost lip shine, I tried it to see the color and loved the consistency. It really does moisturizer the lips! Over all I think the box is well worth the $5 it cost for shipping, I will continue this subscription. Hope these reviews help and you decide to get the box yourself.

P.S. I pay for this subscription myself and all opinions are my own!

If you have any questions leave them below!

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XoXo| Katia



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