Four must see places in southern California



   It’s been a while since I last posted something, my life has been a busy mess. I was able to fit a visit back home two weeks ago. We wanted to be tourists and visit as much as possible while in southern California. Here is a quick guide, one week of sight-seeing.

    We were in California for a full week, arrived Sunday and returned Saturday. We spent a lot of time with family, this included a small kids birthday party for my niece who turned 5 the day we arrived. On Monday we rented a van in order to get around more comfortably. That same day we took a trip to the water and went to the San Pedro Fishmarket. This place is great, my family and I have been visiting for many years. The food is the best (fresh seafood) and a lot of walking area in case you eat too much lol. Scenery is also nice, cruise ships included.

Top: out of stock, similar Here | Shorts: Express | Sandals: old style

   The weather was great the whole time we were there, we had to take advantage of this and visit the famous San Diego Zoo. I had been to this zoo a couple of times and I fall in love every time. The weather in San Diego is the best and this place is enormous! It takes a full day to go through the whole thing, so many animals and so much walking! Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes!

Top: no longer available, similar Here | Jeans: Charlotte Russe | Shoes: Converse

   The following day we had a slow start to our day, we did not want to do a lot of walking after the zoo so we headed over to the Griffith Observatory. This place was a go to for most school field trips and I remember it being very interesting and nice. The view from way up in the mountain is amazing. I had not been back since elementary, many many moons ago lol. We had a lot of fun and best thing of all that day happen to be free entrance. WIN!

Bodysuit: Amazon | Pants: old Love Fire | Sandals: old Steve Madden | Crossbody: Ross

    This brings us to Thursday, we had hyped ourselves for the next site and it didn’t fail. We went to Universal Studios Hollywood! The last time I had been there was about 15 years ago and let me tell you things are completely different. More modern with 3D virtual rides but also has the classic tram ride tour. We had another day of beautiful weather and my husband really enjoyed his first visit to this place! He had the most fun in Springfield!

T-shirt and shoes: Five Below | Shorts: Charlotte Russe

   After all of that sight-seeing, I was very tired Friday and decided to stay home and have some home cooked food. We really had a great time while in California and though 1 week seems like a long time we didn’t see everything we wanted. Next of the list the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! This was a quick guide of where to go for 1 week in southern California.

You were great to us, until next time!

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Xo| Katia



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