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Faux Suede Midi


Dress: Windsor Store, similar HERE and HERE│Shoes: last year Bakers Shoes style, similar HERE and HERE│Necklace: Styles for Less│Earrings: old style│Bangle: old style

Hello and happy Tuesday,

Hope everyone enjoyed their Mothers Day weekend. In my country mothers day is today so a special Happy Mothers day to my mom! I wish we were closer and give you a huge hug! Le deseo un feliz dia de las Madres, la quiero mucho!

My work schedule continues to be crazy! I am picking up extra shifts a lot more, especially now that I am done with school. Positive of that is obviously more money and helping my unit out but the bad thing is not having enough time to do as many posts as I would love to do. I am also spending less time with my hubby as of lately. This has to change that is why I made sure to have this next weekend off, date night is in our near future! This faux suede olive green dress would be perfect for a sexy date night.

This dress fits like a glove but it is still very comfortable. It is not too constricting and the color is great. I felt very sassy and flirty yet conservative in this dress. Now unfortunately for you I found this for a steal at Windsor and  it is no longer available. As you know that store is the type that you have to get it when you see it and once it’s gone it’s gone. I did find a dress very similar for you. I am huge on shopping on a budget therefore I love a great bargain. For this reason a lot of things I buy come from Windsor.

I always say I will begin buying more from stores such as Nordstrom, when I find something I like it is hard for me to bite the bullet due to the price. I will work on it though, I know those stores always have all items stocked, I would not have a problem linking the products for you. Don’t be afraid to try stores like Ross, they have cute clothes and they carry most sizes. Hope you enjoy the look!



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19 thoughts on “Faux Suede Midi”

  1. I loved this dress when I saw it then read it was suede and now triple love it. It fits you so well. Love your eye makeup and necklace ❤

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  2. Ah I tried this exact dress on at Marshalls which I’m assuming is like a Ross’. I was in love with it because it fit like a glove but didn’t buy it because I was like where would I even wear it? I have regretted it ever since! It looks gorgeous on you PLUS I love your makeup with it.

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    1. Yes, Ross and Marshalls are very similar stores. Oh man that’s too bad that you didn’t get it. I love this dress! The bad thing about those stores is that if you don’t get it when you see it it won’t be there when you go back!! Thank you very much for the compliments. 💕

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