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3 steps to cover under eye circles


Color corrector: Benefit│Concealer: Maybelline│Setting powder: Rimmel

Hello and happy hump day,

Some have asked me “what do I need to do to cover my dark circles?” To that I say good question. I am actually fortunate enough to say that I do not have much of a problem when it comes to dark circles under my eyes. I do see them when I am tired and have not had much sleep. What do I do for that you may ask, well I make sure to use these three products when I have to cover them.

Once I am done applying my foundation I then apply the Benefit Cosmetics erase paste which is a brightening concealer. I use this product because my dark circles are very light, if you are someone who has dark under eye circles you must use a more intense color corrector. Click on the link HERE for a high end product and HERE for a drugstore product. These color correcting products will help neutralize the high pigmentation you have under your eyes. Yes I know the colors look crazy and even worse on your face but it does the job it has to of covering those dark circles. The products are light on the skin and very easy to blend.

After the color corrector has been completely blended you will apply your normal concealer. The concealer will help blend out the color of the color corrector and bring brightness to your under eye area. This area of your face is naturally lighter therefore you must always apply a concealer that is a few shades lighter than the rest of your face. Do not use anything too white because this will show up very white in pictures.

The last step is applying a setting powder in your under eye area. (I apologize for the way my powder looks but I could not find my new one today!) There is quite a bit of product applied under the eye which can crease in the fine lines and shift throughout the day. The setting powder does exactly what the name states, sets the makeup under the eye. It helps the makeup stay in place and it lasts longer, your makeup will also appear more smooth and airbrushed. Click on the link HERE for a high end product and HERE for a drugstore product. I use a press powder for everyday use because it is a better price and wears lighter on the face. You have now successfully covered your dark under eye circles!

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