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Friday Favs..


Hello Friday!

I am so excited that it’s Friday! Not only for this exiting post but I also have the whole weekend off. That is very rare for me, I usually work both Friday and Saturday night or at least Friday night. Not this weekend, I am totally going to take advantage and have date night a couple nights. Since it is Friday I have another Friday Favs for you today. I am so proud of myself because all products are actually under $40. Everything has been linked, don’t forget to click on the bold name to buy it. Happy shopping and happy Friday to you all!


Cover Up I continue to buy things to plan for our vacation get away. I do not have a cute cover up so when I saw this pretty colorful one I knew I had to get. You can’t beat the price. It is very airy and the length is just right.

High Heel Pumps These pumps look very similar to the Valentino everyone is wearing. The high end ones are really pricey so I think these are a great alternative. The color is nice and the heel is not too high for those of you trying to get used to walking in heels. I actually think I want them in the red color though. What do you guys think?

Floral Headwrap I normally do not wear any accessories in my hair but I can make an exception with this one. Music festival season is coming up and this would be perfect. I have never been to one but I do love music and have heard they are fun. So why not look cute for them?

Sunglasses I am very excited to tell you about these sunglasses! I actually found mine at Ross, I bought a couple when I was there. Mine were only $3.99, I was able to find their site and though they are a little pricier than what I paid it is still a good price. I would say check out Ross first, they had a good selection of them and you can’t beat the price.

Phone Case It is very hard for me to find cute phone cases for my Galaxy S6 at a good price. Naturally when I see this flamingo case with floating glitter in it I had to order it. Why are all the cute cases only for the iPhone?

Maxi Dress This dress is so pretty and I love the back. It’s maxi dress season again, this one is airy and light. The color goes well with most sandal colors. I will order it soon, if you get it before me let me know how you like it.

Pineapple Tote This is another purchase for the vacation. It is the cutest with that pineapple in the front. Gives me a tropical sunny vibe. I was hesitant to buy it since I cant gauge how it looks when hung from the shoulder. I will keep you guys posted when I receive it.


Highlight and Contour Palette This palette is a drugstore alternative to the highlight and contour palette I had on my last Friday Favs.. This is a great palette, the products are very easy to blend and the price is better than the high end one.

Eyeliner This NYC eyeliner is always on my repurchase list. I am about to run out so I bought a new one this week. The brush is very thin which helps when trying to do a think wing but can build on it to make a thick wing. It is a dark black color which I love.

Blow Dry Spray This Kenra Blow Dry Spray is awesome. I purchased it because my hair needed some much needed protection from the heat of my flat iron. It smells great, my hair feels so soft and looks healthier when I use it.

Face Wash Every since I discovered this product a few months ago I have not used anything else to wash my face. It gets rid of all my makeup and best part it does not dry my face in the process. I have less breakouts and less redness on my face.

Color Correcting Paste This concealer can be used simply as a concealer or in my case I use it as a color corrector. I only use it when my under eye dark circles are more visible than the usual. It is a small pot but it conceals real well, a little goes a long way with this product.

Eye shadow Palette The famous Morphe 35O palette is great. By far my favorite eye shadow palette and you get a great product for the price. The colors are great neutrals and it contains matte and glittered shadows. This is a hot item though so you have to get it quick when it’s in stock, sells out every time it is restocked.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks favorites and had fun shopping.

XoXo Katia

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