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Walmart Beauty Box (Winter 2015)



Once again I have for you the Walmart Beauty Box, this one is the winter 2015 box. As usual it did not disappoint me. A lot of great products for the inexpensive $5 cost (which covers the cost of shipping). I received a disposable razor, mouth wash, deodorant, self tanning lotion, hairspray, lipstick and foil packets of shampoo and lotion. The samples were a good size and the coupons useful. I will continue the subscription and hope to receive full size products in future boxes. I will also link below the original Walmart Beauty Box post if you have questions about it and want all information on how to subscribe. For my readers/subies who are pregnant or plan on having a baby, Walmart also has a box for you! Leave your questions below and let me know how you feel about your subscription!

XoXo Katia



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